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  1. To counterbalance something means to balance or correct it with something that has an equal but opposite effect. Add honey to counterbalance the acidity. His patriarchal generosity is counterbalanced by his ruthlessness. Synonyms: offset, balance out, compensate for, make up .
  2. Other Counterbalance Valves. Connectors for Lift Truck Propane Tanks. Use a valve, valve connector, and hose connector to create a complete connection between a propane tank and a lift truck's fuel hose. Hydraulic Jacks. Lift in tight spaces where a bottle jack won't fit. Valves for Propane Tanks.
  3. counterbalance definition: 1. a weight used to balance another weight; counterpoise 2. any force or influence that balances or offsets anothertransitive verb -·anced, -·anc·ing to be a counterbalance .
  4. Incomplete counterbalanced measures designs are a compromise, designed to balance the strengths of counterbalancing with financial and practical reality. One such incomplete counterbalanced measures design is the Latin Square, which attempts to circumvent some of the complexities and keep the experiment to a reasonable size.
  5. CounterBalance is the premier solution for countertop, half-wall, shelving, and vanity supports. We take pride in our products, and guarantee them to be sturdy, safe, and non-intrusive in your home design.
  6. counterbalance (plural counterbalances) (literally) A weight that is put in opposition to an equal weight so it keeps that in balance. (figuratively) A force or influence that balances, checks or limits an opposite one. Synonyms [ edit ].
  7. CounterBalance® brackets make it easy to configure and mount countertops and cabinets for a variety of applications. Our versatile brackets allow you to get that floating countertop look and do away with corbels and visible brackets.
  8. Counterbalance is a non-profit educational organization working to promote the public understanding of science, and how the sciences relate to wider society.

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